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About me

My name is Ulrike Fischer and I live in Germany. I have been using LaTeX for more than 25 years for all sorts of documents. For more than 15 years I have been active in various TeX-related usenet groups, mailing lists and web boards. You can find me e.g. at I'm member of the LaTeX-Team. I'm the author of some packages (tagpdf, returntogrid, xskak, chessboard, chessfss, citeall, combofont) and maintain currently the for lualatex important packages luaotfload and lualibs and I'm also part of the maintainer team of hyperref. I have published various articles for the German TeX-group Dante, e.g. in 2008 an introduction to XeLaTeX and in 2014 an article about biblatex variations which has been translated for TUGboat. I had some talks at meetings of Dante, e.g. about biblatex, how to correct errors and expl3, and recently about the tagging of pdf-files .

My system

Currently I use mostly MiKTeX 2.9. and TeXLive 2019 win 10. I also have TeXLive 2012 to TeXlive 2019 and a ConTeXt Standalone for testing purposes. As editor I use mostly Winedt 10.3 but I have also other editors installed.